Failing To Resist

Poem By Jessica Bouck

Troublesome worries buried beneath her surface
She tries to get away from this gentle provoking
Lost all sense of what to do she fell for you
Behind her smile contains a broken dream
Loss of speech and rational thoughts leave today
As wondering turns to questions unanswered
Trying to discover the truth hidden within your words
Hearing only the ticking of time slipping away
Summer betrayed ultimate wishes of unfulfilled destiny
When you took a subtle yet screaming secret
And swiped it for some posing memories of what could be
The sound of playful melodies and a embracing kiss
That sent mixed emotions piercing through the brain
Bearing a burden of a good time between friends
And feeling so much more, its unreal
Resisting temptation for just a moment more
I touch your face and stop myself before I lose it
Pulling me in closer, our lips touch once again
All the while destroying my defenses
Hurting only myself and leaving no one to blame
Frequently reassuring theres no regrets this time
Im slowly going down, falling for something else
Something that I cant proclaim mutual
Flooding dreams, countless thoughts floating
Realizing I havent felt like this in such a long time
To be happy when just around you, its so much more
But so much less than I can tell you
Because I know theres no chance for me today
My one opportunity, and I stole what should be mine
Protection, warmth and great times stood ahead
For once in the longest time I felt at ease
I felt safe, this to me was home
Trusting you to feel this in our tender kiss goodbye
Fates dropped me another unforgettable feeling
Left without warning, and knowing theres no hope

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