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(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

What is it about failure,
That some seem to have come...
To enjoy it done and love seeing the most?
Has this been an intentional acquired desire?
With it observed as others do it.
Or is it a thrill some get,
While assisting folks to ensure 'their' failures...
Done to do is appropriate.
Is it something chosen some have found easy to do?
And sought after as attractive to accomodate a pursuit?
Some seem to seek it to validate their lives too!

'Those people over there walk as if,
They have purpose, initiaitive...
And lives to live with a meaning meant.
How stupid they are to believe in that nonsense.
Huh? '

They must be visitors.~

I've seen them before.
Charading around others to ignore.
They just don't know what failure is!
That's how stupid they are.'

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