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Failure To Achieve
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Failure To Achieve

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Failure to achieve,
In excessive success of it.
To accomplish as one's goal.
With it to continue,
Being supported to uphold.
Will also be documented in history told,
As a decision to defend...
By those with beliefs to allow,
Themselves to be sold...
Into digging deeper their own holes.
Consciously to do to prove,
The one they have given their loyalty to...
Ultimately knows,
What it is they do.
Even though overwhelming evidence reveals,
Only failure to accomplish and achieve...
Has been successful with every attempt,
Shown and known with consent given.
To approve of it done.
And applauded by the ones...
Few devoted,
Seem incapable to ask themselves...
Why and for what reason,
Selling their own souls...
Has left them to betray,
Truth staring them in the face...
To disbelieve,
The depth of their greed and stupidity.
So blinded by it,
Gone unnoticed is the light.
It was ever switched off.
To again be switched back on!

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