Faint Embassies Of Love

The palace garden is Eden composed
Faint memories beckon throughout the shadows
Dawn is approaching - promising blue skies in her ascent.
Fresh love is calling me to seek
Fresh love to dress my soul.

A city within the clouds
The doorway to fairyland is opened
Can you hear the music of the good folk?
Flutes parading upon a symphony of strings
Wings from which the delicate smiles of flowered souls bring
Faint embassies of love.

Absorb me in the sky above
Dissolve me in the earth below
Great mother pulsing
Accept me as your child
Bearing the seed of the sun god
I herald in the spring with a kiss upon the lips of beauty sleeping.

I am the watchman, forever eye upon the dance contorting.
Distortion beckons recollections fragmented
Dementia gripping, sanity slipping
Who is this pale and grimacing fellow in the mirror?
His eyes a sickly yellow, stuttering, muttering,
Upon the elements calling, before myself I'm falling
Gnawing on the marrow of my masters diminished
Forgotten and left rotten to the core.
Find me the door.

by David Lacey

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