My Dream

I dream of a dream.
I dream that my dream shall someday come true.
I dream that all my dreams shall not remain just a dream.
I dream for that day when all these dreams are realized.
I dream that I don’t’ spend my days dreaming.
I dream that my dreams shall be more than just dreams.
I dream that these dreams will make me dream more.
Though these are dreams today,
I dream of making them a reality one day.
I will always be dreaming of these dreams,
So that I do have hope in life,
I still hope that this life is worth living.

by G. Siva Shankar

Comments (4)

ahh.. so you tried to plant a lotus but not succeeded fully? and there comes Nature's miracle and saves the lotus.. I think that is the most important keeping your faith in something even when you feel hopeless.. Great poem Max! HBH
I read with envy your ability to find faith in such delicacy. Lovely and inspiring, Max
A wonderful reaffirmation of one's faith, Max. Buds will open as there is no clumsiness here.
Score! This is so beautiful, Max. 'You come from the invisible, where you exist as archetype.' Wow.