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Poem By Randy McClave

I went to a fair that came to our town once a year
To eat some popcorn and also drink some root beer
Maybe get some cotton candy and also ride some rides
I might even play some games and win myself a prize.

I walked about the park all the attractions I wanted to see
Maybe see some clowns or a lion might even see a dancing flea
I then saw some children arguing so I told them all to play fair
Then as I spoke those words of wisdom, I saw a dancing bear.

I decided for an adventure so I decided to get on a ride
I wanted to sit beside a beautiful woman to protect her along with my pride
So I got on the Ferris wheel after first paying my own fare
It took be around in circles and took me not here or even there.

I then went to a booth and watch a man guessing people's weight
If he guessed wrong, then the winners he would happily congratulate
He would judge by their clothes and then guess with a true fairness
But he seldom guessed wrong from his sight and his own awareness.

They then held a beauty contest for the women of our small town
One of our lucky women would walk away with a winners crown
The judging was to be done upon which woman was the fairest
Every woman wanted to win, but they knew only one would fair best.

In our life fair, fairest and fairness will seldom be used
If you are on trial or being judged or being accused or abused
Because of wealth or politics or favoritism the trodden upon must pay a fare
And if you want to find fair, fairest and fairness then go to a county fair.

Randy L. McClave

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