Fair Dues To Joyce Hemsley

Give credit where credit is due seems a fair thing to say
And fair dues to Joyce Hemsley on her Honorary Degree she did it the hard way
By writing four thousand poems in a decade four hundred poems a year
Of such a rare achievement we do not often hear.

The authorities on literature have finally taken note
That Joyce Hemsley of Sunderland is a major modern poet
She has mastered all of the poetic disciplines in her own distinctive style
Such rare poetic talent we've not seen for some while.

Her Honorary Degree on Philosophy one might say overdue
And Wordsmiths of her calibre are and were always few
Just an amazing Human Being who says hard work doesn't pay
And her most recent award is fully deserved it would be fair to say.

Her poetry has it's own voice and of her it can be said
That in a thousand years from this day her poems will still be read
So humble in her achievements yet of her greatness can't be denied
A woman of great talent she is known Worldwide.

Fair dues to Joyce Hemsley to her we'll drink a toast
Four thousand poems to her credit of which she does not boast
A Doctor of Philosophy few with her to compare
She is a natural Wordsmith and people like her rare.

by Francis Duggan

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