Fair Lady

Fair Lady
The wind dances in your curly locks
And trapped with them are fragments of my dreams

You look into the world
Seemingly like a baby
Innocent that you have captured me

I lay nets of my soul around you
Hoping to catch your eyes
And yet my own eyes see the same barren landscape of only moments ago
That always seem like eternities

Perhaps you only watch me when I don't
Save perhaps for that first instant
When my innocence of you was lost.

Fair Lady
I know that I do not love you
Not yet, perhaps never
But I find you complementing the darkness
Like doves that find the wind like Mother's caress
Or like the Oceans that finds the shore
That it slaps and smothers as home

I have spent so many nights on arms of others
Only to find myself alone
Like the moon, or like the stars
All too present, all too distant, and all to silent
Remembering, sometimes wishing to forget

Fair Lady
And so I shall stay in the distance
All too present, all too distant, and all too silent
Happy, that before the arrival of my sunset
I have traveled over your fields
Like the sun I have watched, and embraced you
Though I was only a shadow in your horizon

by damon steine

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