Fair Winds

Oh! Sailor that upon the sea
set sail to see what you could see.
You left some friends upon the shore,
remember them, remember me
while finding isthmi to explore.

Your salt sprayed hair like morning dew
reflects like rainbows shining through.
With soft winds, calm seas and weather fair,
your sure to find adventures new.
With main sail full to take you there,
I feel you could sail anywhere.

The course you charted straight and true
could be in danger, this you knew.
You'll brave some storms while we're apart,
God willing, these you will get through.
Your strong of will and true of heart
we've praised your courage from the start.

Your sloop like life will fall and crest,
strict discipline will serve you best.
Grab hold the rudder, keep straight the way,
with lessons learned you'll pass the test.
Keep us in mind, of this I pray.
Return to sail anotyer day.

by Charles Hutchinson

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