Fairs are
Layers of surprises
The cacophony of noises
The beauty of the various
Human creations
On display
Awaiting their
O Cashmere silks
Flowing like cream
The twelve yard long
Sari occupying
The seat of glory
Among all its mates
Glowing with its zardozi
And glimmering
Bridal wear
Handsome kurtas
And glorious turbans
Waiting to adorn
Men no less
Than their show
Shawls and scarfs
Beautiful raiments
Not only
Serve the human insecurity
But go well beyond
They glorify one's
Personality indeed
Maybe soon
Gender neutral garments
Would adorn these shelves
The world is moving
Pay heed
But now
This fair is making me romantic
Thoughts of daydreaming
Seeing so much
Wanting to get all of them
O I grow more infant
But I also see
In secret delight
Young lovers
Exchanging glances
This fair unites them
At least from
The bottom of their hearts!
I have to move on
O I see
Mighty rides
Brimming with people
The Titanic ride
Shouldn't meet
Another golden tragedy
Happy faces
And cheerful hearts
Do greet me
O my stomach is rumbling
Food is something
Without which
Our life gets
O jalebis
Roundels of joy
Dripping with ghee
And heavenly
Sugar syrup
These colorful goodies
I can't resist or stop
O boy
Pakodas being strained out
From hot simmering oil
Looks delicious
O what joy
And sweets varied
Rich with magenta
Green and hues
Greet me like
Those air hostesses
I crushed on
As a child
They do take me
On a flight of imagination
On gulping all of
Them down
One by one
My sweet tooth
Can't resist
O not
I see handsome hunks
Engaged in eager fight
Showing their power
And masculine might
Do they really have
Any hatred
Oh no
They are just friends
And they enjoy
Thus merry sport
O the dreaming young boy
Not bold but coy
Watches in wonder
He could not get those
Wondrous sweets
O wait
The fair had something for him
He could get
Those do paisa candies
At least!
He is enjoying with his pals
The fair
Is the blossoming ground
Of his long lasting
But I am reminded
As I see dancing maidens
In sheer joy
That men but do come and go
But this saga of fairs has been going on
Since time immemorial
Only uniting the hearts
Of those
Who come here
To deal and feel
Some moments of joy
In this world
So mundane and real
'Mundane' at times!
Gone to a fair
Share your experience
For sure!
#fairs #country #joy #life #people

by Amit Narayan Satpathy

Comments (2)

Lovely poem...brings the fair alive before one's eye!
Well written! ....lovely poetic expression: To deal and feel/Some moments of joy/In this world/So mundane and real/'Mundane' at times! Thanks for sharing....10