WLL (12th March 1963 / Liverpool)

Fairy Days

The flittering of the fairies
in the speckled sunlight,

Hardly seen by human eyes
They watch us on our way.

Oblivious to their presence
We are caught up in mundane things.

Worrying, only caring
What the day ahead will bring.

'Other-Worldly Beings
have been with us through
age and time.

Yet, we cannot see them
For our eyes,
they block and blind.

Our eyes are blocked and blind
by them
Because you know
they see.

The true nature of he Human Race
which is our vanity.

To disbelieve the impossible
Is always our forte.

And we always -
without fail -
Let our vanity have it's way.

An arrogance that states
so catergorically and true.

We are supreme
In all the world
But we don't believe in you.

For those childhood days
of innocence.

Are lost in the mist of time
And those fairy-friends of yester-year
will never come to mind.

We've lost our childhood innocence
and wonder
and the knack.

They have closed their gate
forever now
And were NEVER going back.

For adult worries
adult cares
wear us down each day.

What food is in the cupboard?
What bills we have to pay?

Our eyes are truely closed now
to what they used to see.

The innocence as a toddler
With the little sprite - fairy.

Our eyes are truely closed now
To the wonders of their world.

With disdain
Has grown our vain
Arrogance unfurled.

We don't believe
in 'Other-Worldly Creatures'
We've progressed.

In truth -
we now are adults
And as adults

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