1000 Cherry Blossoms On The Sakura

The heavens birth a hue of radiance that
is flawed against your delicate mastery.
Gentle petals dance in the guise of the geisha
Ever flawless ever innocent. These soft
kisses encircle your unmatched beauty.
Here is a gift from nature, lady Sakura.
Shower in it's 1000 cherry blossoms

by Marcellino Carlo

Comments (7)

Much to the reader's delight....the continuation goes....awesome lullaby- 10
Awesome I like this poem, check mine out
A very good poem from the greatest poet of English language which are worldwide respected, read and recited and understood its deept rooted meaning.
i love this song sooooo muchhhh, this is the most beautiful song
oh this is most beautiful..would love to have known Shakespeare.. :)
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