Fairy Song

The moonlight fades from flower and rose
And the stars dim one by one;
The tale is told, the song is sung,
And the Fairy feast is done.

by Louisa May Alcott Click to read full poem

Comments (16)

Loved the rhyme and imagery of the poem- a nice one to read and recite aloud.
Such a beautiful fairy tale, everyone should read this Louisa
The morning star shall light us home! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A sweet poem that has a beautiful flow. Loved it. Enjoyed thoroughly.
Certainly a Fairy Song of rhythm and rhyme. as you read you can imagine the beat and notes of the song.
A marvelous poem by Louisa May Alcott👍👍
Sing fairy song all the night long.
Wonderful! ! ! , I could see each character taking it's place. The flowers the night and the new day to come. Elves bouncing away with their secrets in till there were none.
Lovely in every choice of word, lovely in every image. Lights up the imagination of adult as well as child.
What a wonderful poem! I must keep this one to read to my next little fawn, If I ever find her...
Superb Poem! ! ! ! I enjoyed it.......
Nice poem with a mastery of imagery and symbolic language.
A great piece of alliteral work. The earlier morning is distinctly dipicted. Having done the party, the elves make for home. meantime young nature and its infants nicely presented.
A beautiful fairy tale written in romantic style in poetry is a great pleasure to read and enjoy!
Divine and a fairy tale indeed! ! ...... But I couldn't comprehend why the poet separates a 'flower' and a 'rose'... Does that mean the moon light begins to fade from flowers and end up with roses? or Is the writer elevating roses from other flowers?
i love it! it sings and i can imagine it. great poem Louisa