I Am Not Alone

The night, it is deserted
from the mountains to the sea.
But I, the one who rocks you,
I am not alone!

The sky, it is deserted
for the moon falls to the sea.
But I, the one who holds you,
I am not alone !

The world, it is deserted.
All flesh is sad you see.
But I, the one who hugs you,
I am not alone!

by Gabriela Mistral

Comments (17)

i love the music... plus ver nice poem too
I knew she wrote great short stories - of a different cast than this- -but I never knew she wrote poetry certainly like this. Tis a sweet story for children she wrote here. I think I will go see what else she penned.
Silent as shadows! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
A wonderful fairy tale story weaved into a delicate poem. I loved this fascinating poem.
Truly Beautiful, Katherine Mansfield, basically a story writer, was a good poetess as well.
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