The Sun Comes Out Tomorrow

Some say the sun comes out tomorrow...but is it not out today?
Look afar, beyond the sky...beyond the clouds of gray.
I see the sun, a source of life...of happiness and warmth.
But look again, I see the clouds...darkened by the storm.
Looking trice, I see a rainbow...glistening with bright light.
I see the angels and the heavens, I smile with delight.
Yet I frown, as the thunder booms, striking with a crash.
And the world burns...falling down, nothing left but ash.
Some say the sun comes out tomorrow, I say this is not true.
The sun is really out today, it's all about your view.

by Brandon Shadows

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A fairy tale as only Boris Pasternak could write one. Powerful. Magical. Full of wonder. I saw that noble hero ride and it was a magnificent ride indeed