Fairy Tale Princess

She must dwell high upon the neon sky;
And so, is the smooth flow of human figure;
Trim'd an uneven hair of golden tress;
That falls and sways on her lovely face;
Wore a greyish bodice that grips her shoulder;
Clad in whitish garment till toe;
Hang a book on fairy tale from her slender fingers;
She burbles and smiles and glows;
Fair feet of the fairy tale princess
How she like fairy tales!

Would the truest folklore oracle know of?
The abode of fairy angels that waft'd me;
For I shall change my name;
For I shall need no food to venture far;
And go beyond the death mouth to the blue zone;
To yelp no more, to sloth no more;
But to stride forever unrest
And seek my fairy tale princess.
Whence I turn'd, but she slunk and dwindled away!


by Visato Kiso

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