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***fairy Tales And Nursery Rhymes***
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

***fairy Tales And Nursery Rhymes***

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Nick knack paddy whack
Toss this dog a bone
Just to let me know
That I’m not fighting on my own

This world aint a nursery rhyme
My nightmares just stare
With my mind doing over time
When will you show you care?

Where are the king’s horses?
Where are the kings men?
Why haven’t you sent them?
To put me back together again?

I’ve fallen in my battle
To slay the drunkard dragon
No knights ride to my rescue
Maybe its I who’s off the wagon

And when I asked the black sheep
Do u have any wool?
He replied no sir, no sir, no bags full
Even though I witnessed him fill them all

Fairy tales and nursery rhymes
Worlds I visited as a kid
Happy times they use to be
Somewhere I could live

I’ve grown up now and so to the shadows
Out of the deep into the light of the shallows
Deserted by the smiling sun part of me knows his won
The monster that as a kid you would run away from

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This was a very enjoyable thing to read. In fact, for awhile this was the best thing I had read all month. Now that's saying something. It didn't end as well, but I sure won't complain too much. I'll still give it an 8 and a strong recommendation. Boy! This was good. GW62