(08-30-60 / Metro Manila, Philippines)

Fairydance (A Poem For My Girl)

one look...
so naive, so innocent
one more look...
oh..such a sweetheart
one keener look...
watch out!
a falling debris!

my sweet analei
dancing the ballet
she's like a fairy
in her dancing swirl,
tiptoes with a point shoes
with a ballerina grace

free as a bird..
she skips, hops and leaps
cares less if her skirt lifts
a fall, a slide, once, twice
never a reason not to rise

in the eyes of a child
a dream is born
in a wink of her eye
such a tremendous hope

if only I'd be born again
to forever stay a child
tears to wipe, anger no more
after a fight, 'hello' once more

no hatred...no sin...
no worries...no fear...
everyday is a brand new day
for a fairydance and a play

a fantasy every child dreams
of lollipops and Barbie dolls
'buy me that, buy me this, Mom! '
and after a hard day's play
a favorite meal, a comfortable bed
what an envious site to be like a child!

dancing with time...
just like a new-born babe
a new year to ponder
of hopes and another dream
may this bright new year
brings joy and peace
just like a baby to nurture
of time, space and future

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Dear Cynthia, I would like to believe that the child in me is still very much alive & dreaming just as he did years ago. Well, at least a portion of that child. This left me feeling child-like and happier afterward. Thank you. Gregory XOX