SG (january third 1990 / lebadon, ohio)


my prince has arived to take me away
a miracle he says is on way
in my heart i wished for this day
but in my mind i would always say
dreams are ment for sleeping and fairytales
don't come true.yet everynight i would look
up and resite 'i wish i may i wish i might
wish upon the first star i see tonight'
then i would shut my eyes up tight and
wish for you but never in a million years
did i think my wish would come true
for i am no repunzil or cinderella not
even an anastashia but a girl with a dream
with to much fanasy and not enough reality.
with love on her heart instead of being on time
i thought i was meant to live my life as a mine
quiet and always working but i've learned a leason.
fairytales can be real, dreams arn't meant for sleping
and wishes do come true but if only you believe in your
dreams can a fairytale be real and can you be merry

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