CLB (October 26,1950 / Topeka, Kansas)

Fairytale Princess

To All the Children and Adults of Abuse

A little Fairytale Princess

Is what you will always be to me!

With your long dark hair

Always blowing in the wind

Eyes of hazel,

That changes color with your every mood

How your eyes sparkled when you would smile

The sound of your laughter could fill the room

So young and innocence so full of life,

It was all but a dream

How you would run and played

In the fields to your hearts delight

Remembering the butterflies dancing all about

A spirit so sweet; but wild and free

So much love to give and spread around

Who would ever dream that life could be so cruel!

I found out that day you were stripped from me.

What was taken from you that night; no one had that right

For that was your right, to give away on your special day.

The quilt, the shame and the horrible pain is too much for a child to bear

Wandering when? Will it ever end?

Your childhood gone and stripped away never to return

Oh! Why did you have to grow up way to fast?

That beautiful child of only eight now gone and lost forever

A broken spirit, no hopes or dreams of what life might have been

Now shattered and tossed upon the ground.

A blank expression upon her face

Eyes are dark and hollow, no sparkle remains.

No reason for a smile to brighten her face

Or to brighten up someone's day.

Now a lonely and frighten child

Wandering how people can be so cold and so cruel

They don’t know nor do they understand

Her pain, the shame and the guilt she must carry around

They think it’s all her fault, a child of eight?

Their laughter, their sneers and calling her names echoes’ through out the night

She doesn't know whom to blame

She cries softly to her self, so no one else can hear.

She prays every night that it would all come to an end

No one knows and no one really cares

The emotional scars, low self esteem that she must bear

Until her life finally comes to an end

Come to me, my Little Fairytale Princess

For you can see that I have grown up

I can give you protection now

The way it should have been that night so long ago

Never again will you be afraid of the night when you close your eyes in sleep

I will always be there with you through out the night

No more tears will you ever shed again from the pain

No more new scars will you ever have bare

I will wrap my arms around you and hold you throught the night

So you can feel loved and feel safe the way it should have been

One day when we are together you will know what a treasure you are to me

One to behold with that soft and gentle nature that I have grown to love so

So I ask you now to come and be one with me

Our spirit can become wild and free like it was at that tender age of eight

There's no need to rush; take your time to be that child again.

One day soon you will be ready to be one with me

Please! Don’t feel like you need to run or take flight

The way you did so many times since that night that made you scared

My little Fairytale Princess

Can’t you see how you have always been a part of me?

One day soon we will become one

We will find true love and inner peace; that will make everything all right

You will see when that day comes: Then and only then can we really be set free….

January 6,2008

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