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I once believed
in fairy tales.
That love was true
and never failed.
But wisdom comes
with such a price.
Love was stolen
by a treacherous sprite.
I wish I could still believe
in fairy tales.
About Little Boy Blue
and all the tales
But at some time
before you die...
Reality sets in
and you wonder why...

You ever believed...

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Though we know that fairytales are for fairies and not for humans..but it feels good to believe that mayb..just mayb..our life would be a fairytale. Lovely poem. Preets
Alas, wisdom comes to us all - it's called 'growing up'. This is good, Bridgid. I'm enjoying your work very much. My warmest regards and respect, CJ
Well...........there's still the ''Happily ever after.........'' I do believe in that! :) Nice poem Bridgid. Sincerely, Mary