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The world as our wonder with our wonderous eyes,
Faith will abstain us from the who, what and whys.
It gives us our strength and patience to endure.
Our minds to mature, our thoughts to be made pure.
In faith do we trust, what’s seen and unseen.
Our pictures become reality, our slumber become dream.
In our walk we stand tall as faith takes us through,
Confident in the power against whatever Satan will do.
Faith makes us wait as the time passes by,
Wait for His promise that he made from on High.
Faith gives us the wisdom to bypass the wrongs we see.
Lights out paths on the road we travel to be what we can be.
Faith can bring tears to the strongest will of man.
When things seem impossible, faith says we can.
Our world will seem the darkest as the depths of the deepest well.
With all the pains that comes within that makes it seem like hell.
You don’t see the light, the road becomes dim.
Its like you’re standing on the very edge of an erupting volcano’s rim.
You’re barely hanging on, your thread has worn thin.
Your delusions keeps the world at bay, you’re out and then you’re in.
Faith blazes the trail that the prophets walked before.
Faith teaches us patience to wait for the open door.
Faith drives a man to lead the ones he love.
Faith can only get stronger with the grace we receive from above.
Touch the heart of your brothers, see the look in their eyes.
They are strong in their walk, they are not always asking why.
Jesus is sufficient to soothe the savage soul.
His unblemished blood will cleanse the heart of the young and the old.
Your arms are open wide, your surrender is now complete.
Surely faith will see you through because God has the seat.
Be still, listen to His voice, His has been the first.
Though your mouth is dry, your tears are wet, His water will quench your thirst.
The Angels cry, the trumpet sound, the Word speaks of his Deeds.
You’ve only to trust your faith in Him, your Faith is all you Need…..

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'Faith gives us the wisdom to bypass the wrongs we see. Lights out paths on the road we travel to be what we can be.' - An amazing poem here full of light and wisdom.Thanks very much for sharing. Best wishes. A.