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Bruises Along My Heart
AW (A Long while ago / England)

Bruises Along My Heart

Poem By fallen tears

Faith is the light of the next step
Illuminating a way ahead,
Without revealing the direction.
Faith will sustain, and comfort
Through our darkest hours.
Faith upholds the unseen hope,
It is the seasoning that endures,
the pain of life whilst revealing
that misery can be optional.
Faith is a light in the darkness,
Surrounded, yet not consumed.
In the storms of our lives
Faith is the stillness, seated at
The rear of our boat.

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Comments (5)

The essence of true faith is aptly captured in the piece. A brilliant creation written with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
having faith in the darkest hour........nice write! especially that misery is optional!
this verse is trying to explain too much, a damper, adrian. that misery can be optional.
A beautiful write; great job!
It's expressed in a great way. I could add nothing more...