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A trail of freezing zephyr of the January was blowing in the atmosphere
Sir Rowel de Gibbers, walked around the avenue of London in a breath of despair
He was a frequent chap; he owned a miniature magnitude of a land
He lacked wealth, and wealth it was that he truly demands.
For his little lass Gibbers is in a state of disease, and howling in soreness
The land he owned, and now is leased. He realized his little lass is at the darkness
He begged the landlords and the even the common citizens.
No one pitied and no one humbled. What once named Sir is now in vain.
He cried all day long losing all hope. Thinking that she may not endure
He didn't want to accept this fact but his practical mind is sure
It was now that he became character of pragmatist, nor did he believe God nor in Sprite
He said, ‘God and Sprite isn't there, to believe and to know is my right'
One night, a miracle did happen. Rowel de Gibbers was dozing on the road
He dreamt, on a valley he laid. His body touching the green pasture and he couldn't verbalize a word
He looked around to find a flock of sheep.
It was the vision that my heart will forever keep. For it was exquisite and deep
He gazed vigilantly to find a figure wearing a white robe with a rope for his belt
He had a beard and his eyes were kind and filled with sympathy that Rowel de Gibbers felt
He approached him, to find that he was someone of his familiarity.
Tears rolled down his cheeks, he couldn't believe: was it hallucination or a reality?
He knelt there in humility. Hiding his face from the other man's vision.
HE clutched Rowel de Gibbers' shoulder to help him up. It was no one else except the Lord's own Son
‘Brother, believe me. I was busy serving other of the siblings.' HE smiled at looking at his innocent face
Rowel de Gibbers couldn't articulate a word. He stood there stunned and didn't take another pace
Lord said ‘I know your dilemma. Therefore I know your difficulty. Don't worry my brother; your little lass will be cured.
Just have FAITH in me because FAITH is what you need and thus your soul will be pure'
HE made an effort to place HIS hand into HIS leather pouch strapped beside HIS belt
He laid his palm in front of HIM. For he was assured what HE meant.
HE gave him a crimson peach that had a shining sheath. He grabbed it adroitly.
HE then whispered ‘Feed it to your little lass. It is for her therapy.'
He placed it in the front pocket of his jacket which covered him like a shroud
He wanted to thank HIM but not a word came out of his mouth
He doesn't memorize much what happened then.
All he remembers is, he woke up the next day while his head was in insane pain.
He looked around to notice he was lying in pavement while a dog was sniffing him
He shooed it away and got up on his feet. He have to get back home before his little lass is at dim
He crossed countryside, now filled with snow. He ran as fast as he could be
He could see his cottage far away. He now knew that he reached his destiny
When he got back home his little lass was glad to see him. Her innocent smile was eternal
She replied with a pain ‘Papa, I...I missed you. Where were you at the nocturnal? '
He didn't replied but laid his hand into his pocket to find the magical peach still lying inside
He gave it to her daughter and she gave it a two maybe three bites
In an hour, she was capable of walking and in a day or two she was back vigorous
Rowel de Gibbers had now found a work of a driver in a rich family's quarters
But Sir never shared his experience with HIM among a person
Everything in life was all fine and glowing just like the Sun
Twice a scores passed by, it was now that the situation is opposite
Sir Rowel de Gibbers was lying on his bed in a condition really horrific
He knew he have a low chances of survival but unlike before this time FAITH not defeated
His daughter has come to meet him, for the last instance from far distances. For she is now wedded
She said with a smile ‘Dad you will be alright. I am right here'
He opened his lips in an effort to speak these wise words with a leer
‘I don't fear death. It is God that I fear. Now if I die, I am assured in will be at the footsteps of HIM'
With these final words he closed his eyes dark and his life is now at dim
No matter how close he was to his death
He never gave up his FAITH…

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Pablo Neruda

If You Forget Me

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