SSY ( / New York, NY)


I saw you in the red dawn of the Northern Lights
and I saw you in the Southern Aurora
a few weeks after sunset

Stars in the polar skies
do not like to rise and set
they just linger
circling overhead

I took your hand
a nexus ribbon
as it
out to me

In the Southern Cross
I saw your eyes
smile across the

I watched as
Tierra del Fuego burst into flames
from the warmth of your heart
as the sun began to rise

I rounded Cabo de Hornos
in a gale wind

with the tempest in rage
the ghostly glow of St. Elmo's Fire
danced on the masthead
hissing along a musical scale
the ship a cathedral awash in blue light

there was nothing to fear

the rising sea consumed the bow
no turning about

side by side we rode

I did not know until that voyage
that the heavens loved me so…

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The heavens bestow love and healing upon you. Open yourself to that.