(December / Manila Philippines)


I was born at 7: 11 pm almost Christmas
Seven visiting scientists cut my cord
Gave me a nice perfect belly button
But named me after the echoes of carols

A happy child around happy times
The family thought I was a lucky child
My daddy got his first break in the movies
And my momma discovered philanthropy

Everyone thought I was the lucky charm
They touched me like an angel and prayed
In prayers and giving I grew and developed
Then I knew it was all about each own faith

Faith has kept me away from harm or illness
Faith has brought me wellness and blessings
Faith has saved me from danger and injuries
Faith is within and in me every day and night

Now I am grown and approaching seniors
They still touch me like I am the angel baby
People come to see me and see the light
It was only my faith shining through

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Let your litght shine Kay. Great poem. Thanks
Lucky me for reading a great poem! Well done, Kay! ! Brian
A beautiful piece; faith does always shine - that's why we're to be a broken jar of clay, so that His essence in us draws men unto Him; nicely done.