The Musketeer

As he looks up at the king,
He knows only one thing:
Protect at all cost,
Even when the battle is lost.

At home he has his own life,
Sleeping alone with his knife.
Dying by the sword,
Is better than hanging by the cord.

With the shadows cast,
His horse runs fast,
With the enemy behind,
And the king in mind.

The traitor will be caught,
And the battle faught.
With a lasting sigh, The traitor will die.

Now back to his miserable life,
And his very long knife.
For protecting the king now,
Is the only thing he knows how.

This is the life of the musketeer,
One without any cheer.
When duty calls
In the castle halls;
Scream: All for one
And one for all.

by Dixy Meyer

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