MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Faith For The Faithful

Through righteousness that’s not our own
Through gifts we now receive
Through Fire that melts a heart of stone
We’ve faith to Christ believe

We hope to see what’s never been
What no ones had to share
No ear has heard no eye has seen
We know through faith it’s there

Through faith we’ll see our God above
Through faith we live in peace
Through faith we’ll share eternal love
Where joy will never cease

Yet even when we go to sleep
Faith plays its wondrous part
We trust The Lord each night to breathe
Keeping alive our heart

Right there it seems to Christians odd
Why atheists don’t die
Unconsciously, they’ll trust in God
Yet consciously deny

Thank God for gifts that reigns supreme
Thank God for faith divine
Thank God for Christ The Living Stream
Through whom now life is mine

It’s mine because of faith’s embrace
Because of love unknown
Because I live to see the face
Who sits on Heaven’s throne

Alone I’d fail to walk the walk
I’d fail to claim this boast
No flesh and bone could talk the talk
Without the Holy Ghost

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Comments (2)

Beautifully conceived and elegantly brought forth with spiritual insight. Thanks for sharing Michael. Remain blessed.
Although I live in a country where religion does not play a big part in citizenship, I can still see how faith becomes the building block of your identity. In terms of poetry itself, I love the progression of idea and beautiful rhyming. Thanks for sharing!