Faith From The 21st Century Punter

Reflections of eden glow bright in the mind
Creating a landscape ravaged through time
Dust deeply encrusted with dark filled with spiders
Weaving their webs conceived deep inside us

But snake out of site
In view of our plight
And reflect back apon us
Enshrined from above us
In vessels in flight
Of bent liquid light
Piercing our hearts with wonderous delight

That leaves us glowing in blissfull devotion
Feading our minds with unworthy commotion
This stabbing, perplexing, shimmering and flexing
Paradox of life couldn't be harder
A poor mans soul an unworthy starter
Reduced to suckling amid the unbuckling
Of unhinged reality within this duality

When Issac surmised in thought he did ponder
Our thoughts he knew not were ripe for the plunder
To inject us with wonder
Releasing us from murder.
And edens dark secrets set well asunder

Blighted with hindsight of this grand illusion
We perceive a paradox of chaotic confusion
Planting preconception of a forgone conclution
Within this soup of atomic fusion.

Conceiving within us foresight of blackness
Ironically creating rendered flatness
Emiting beams of eternal sadness
Pushing out betond the light
Ejecting far way out of sight
In hope we taught the measly plot
To prey to god
Our thoughts are flawed.

by Iain Russell

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A strong, compulsive read, Iain.