Faith... Hope... Love...

Faith From The Father,
Hope From The Holy Spirit
And Love From The Lord Jesus!

Comfort all people who've suffered, their troubles to dispel!
Keep praying till they've recovered out of the depths of Hell!
Don't think of life as yesterday, its trials still repeated!
Just choose to let it melt away, till it's been defeated!
Live for this day, not two or three! Just bid tomorrow wait!
Treat with contempt all misery! It isn't all that great!
Don't be 'prone to melancholy'! Why be so negative?
Neither be so falsely jolly! Just live and then let live!
Bad news may come! That's how it is! And yet, why add to it?
No need when something goes amiss to throw some kind of fit!
What use are tantrums nowadays? What progress do they bring?
Be positive and learn to praise the Lord in everything!
I know that's hard when things look bad yet God is known for love!
He grants us strength we never had, to think on things above!
From what the Bible says today you'll get some peace of mind...
But only if you pause and pray! Remember! Seek and find!
God's Word helped Jesus overcome when demons came to haunt!
He knew God's Truth! He wasn't dumb! He conquered every taunt!
While on the Cross, He prophesied! He quoted from the Psalms!
Within His heart Christ stored with pride God's comfort so it calms!
He had a quote to fondly share! God's Light to shed abroad!
It's in His Name we say each prayer! Christ is our Sovereign Lord!
Why think that Christ cares not for you who once was crucified?
Why flout God's Word, say it's not true, rejecting strength supplied?
In truth, I say, behold God's Love! Give thanks with every meal!
Then learn to think of things above, for truths God would reveal!
I tell you this, the Lord forgives! Be pardoned through Christ's Blood!
Draw near to Him, for Jesus lives! He draws us near to God!
Rejoice, I say, again, rejoice! Be open to the Lord!
This is the highest, noblest choice! Have faith... and rest... assured...

by Denis Martindale

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