Faith Is Our Refuge

The Son of God came to save that which was lost
To redeem our soul from the power of the grave.
Where the prisoners of death must rest together
Except for the spirits of the kind and brave.

The preaching of the cross is ignored by fools
And sinners who are unable to conform.
By grace we are saved as a gift from our Lord
Who wipes tears from the faces that mourn.

By learning, loving, working, teaching and prayer
We submit our years as a tale to be told.
The survival of life is our pilgrimage
As we tackle each challenge both young and old.

No one can be sure of how long they will last
Though all have a choice of whom they choose to be.
Warmongers, adulterers, thieves or saints
Everyone must some day bow down before Thee.

From dust we were made and shall return
After life has brought us to our Earthly end.
Though all must walk in the shadow of death
The righteous are promised they will rise again.

Mankind is born from a woman's womb
With a short life that's full of trouble.
Faith is our refuge in times of grief
For without it our troubles double.

God is with us in all our tribulations and worries
He has His reasons for allowing us to fail.
He knows we'll weaken and cause Satan to smile
Till by prayer and salvation we triumph and prevail.

The Lord promises believers He'll work all things together
For the good of those who follow His word and trust in Him.
Any who doubt the power of God's divine love and will
The forecast for their existence is grim.

By God's Poet
Tom Zart
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by Tom Zart

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Christ (PBUH) will come again to wipe off the tears and he will bring happiness...nice poem on faith thank you