Faith—is The Pierless Bridge


Faith—is the Pierless Bridge
Supporting what We see
Unto the Scene that We do not—
Too slender for the eye

It bears the Soul as bold
As it were rocked in Steel
With Arms of Steel at either side—
It joins—behind the Veil

To what, could We presume
The Bridge would cease to be
To Our far, vacillating Feet
A first Necessity.

by Emily Dickinson

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Emily Dickinson, despite of being a pious theist herself, writes about universal themes. Everyone has a faith that supports his or her perception of the world. By indicating unto the scene that we do not too slender for the eye, Emily Dickinson leads us into the world of unconsciousness that actually shape our worldview. As usual, her word choice is succinct but profound, reminding us of the strength and vibration of faith deep hidden in the bottom of our heart.
Lovely write...... there's nothing like faith
......a wonderful write on faith ★
.....a wonderful poem on faith -★