Faith Of A Nation

An Unchanging Truth that truly changes some,
This is the work of The Spirit, sent by The Son.

The Father, The Son, and The Spirit are three,
And when we see Them as One, we are truly set free.

Free from the path of sin, as unbelievers we had trod,
Freed only through The Grace of an Unchanging God.

Once as a Christian, for we believed in His Name,
Our person and our lives will never be the same,

We strive to be different in what we might do or say,
However, some who have believed have fallen away.

As a Body in this Nation, we have truly been deceived,
And worse yet, by a peoples who do not even believe.

They say God Bless America and United we stand,
But, they fail to see the sin throughout our troubled land.

We are not truly United and divided we will fall,
For as a Nation our eyes are not on The Lord at all!

As a Nation we speak of our power and strength from within,
While we embrace and endorse all kinds of wicked sin.

Although we have Bibles, how much have we learned?
For even The Lord asked 'Will I find Faith when I return? '

(Copyright © 07/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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