MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)

Faith’s Secret

Its good to drink Salvation’s stream
Its sweet, to those once dead
Now death’s no longer what it seems
Life’s dawn, has raised her head

God’s secret ventures from the past
Through Christ, we’re truly saved
Through death; emerged The First & Last
And Heaven’s road was paved

How vague, how strange was truth before
Though God has never lied
The blood of Christ that’s Heaven’s Door
Calls out to “Come inside”

The evidence is plain to see
But yet man’s eyes are blind
The Lamb of God will set us free
And open up the mind

Life’s secret, can be heard and read
Through faith, the truth is won
Its here to heal, to raise the dead
Revealing Christ; God’s Son

Salvation left His glory throne
So none would ever stray
He came to touch each heart of stone
He died to show the way

Through hope in Christ, we now can live
Through faith, we’ll see His face
How great is God that He should give
Such love, such saving grace

For all have sinned and fallen short
We’ve all despised God’s law
But now through faith in Christ’s report
We’ve life forever more

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Your faith is beautiful and your writing so excellent. God bless you