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Faith To Keep
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Faith To Keep

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Stay as modest as possible.
In times problematic.
Feel respectful and give it.
Regardless if it is received.
As you step through and over havoc.
Not yours to have.
You were created by God.
Remain to be that human being.

Leave behind those confused.
And conflicted with indecision.
Do not pledge to be committed,
To an allegiance to division.
Although the doing of it,
May require time spent...
Revisiting your patience and tolerance.
Rely on faith to make the difference.
Refuse to accept anyone's headache.

Since having faith kept,
Fades negativity and obstacles.
Intentionally placed in your way.
By those loving to participate,
In betrayal and dismay.

Know God is with you 24/7.
Throughout the year.
Not to miss a single day.
Know this to show it.
And keep on stepping.
With head up.
Mind focused on your destination.
Walking tall with faith to keep it.
And a determination to achieve,
Doing what God wishes.
Being the best human being you can be.
Doing it by keeping,
Your frustrations to yourself.
And any cussing felt to do,
Kept between you and God to hear.
God knows when,
You have had enough to step in!
And deliver relief.

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