Faith- Wavering's Loss And Unwavering's Key.

Poem By Adedolapo Olisa

The limitation of a shallow mind
better still, a faithless soul
little like a mustard seed is all I need
but like a 'grain' of salt have I not
so big the belief sometimes but in it like a balloon it is
a little pin in my 'big' faith- so be it.R.I.P- I am bidding
the word explicit
ask anything- In faith
receive nothing- In doubt
pins exist to balloons
then flee with the balloons
better then, make the balloons solid
grip tight by grasping
never let go to receive
my heart wanders
no wonder I have to pass by shadows of darkness
the key to any thing's- faith- reception
like a bird in it's cage this minute but in the air the next
How can I close this cage?
roam only but remain in my solitude
How can I feed this mustard seed to growth
not leaving it to perish by taking away the much needed factors
I desire many even every
I know what is key to unlocking my receipt
stupid as it sounds
More trying times but also more strength to hold on at such times
Which would you like to be diagnosed of- Malaria of cancer?
but which would teach after God's healing to hold fast to faith
when one amasses thousands will hundreds be a problem?

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