(27th May,1952. / Leeds, West Yorkshire.)

Faithful Dog

That faithful dog is waiting at your door,
Bursting with unconditional Love.
He (or she)is pining
For your arrival.
Whining and crying,
All ashake.

At last you are here!
Forward he leaps,
Almost losing balance with the shake
Of his tail.
Ready to lick you
Into oblivion.

So you ruffle his ears
And pat him on the head.
"Good Boy! "

Meanwhile The Cat sits
In haughty isolation
Watching coolly
Indifferent to all.

But you still go to her
As she rolls over
And bears her furry tummy
For you to scratch
And her to purr.

I love these pets
Or rather
Family Members.
While they are with us,
There is nothing better.

© PB 7\1\2018.

by Paul Butters

Comments (1)

A very lovely poem, well executed. You have an innate kindness for our four legged friends.10