Let's see you forget me now
Let me see you make me cry
Let me see you walk away now
Make me just curl up and die

I'd like to see you turn your back
I'd like to see you hide your tears
Come on and be a man now
Make me think you have no fears

You're the boss of everything
You rule me and I'm yours
So let's see you show no sympathy
Let's see you walk right out the door

After all these years of making me think
That you're the ultimate cold-hearted
Tell me, why is it that you now shed tears
For a girl long since departed?

You're nothing but a faker now
I can see right through your lies
You've become the thing I hated
What I always so despised

Give it up and leave now
I don't want to see your tears
Because tears are hardly tears at all
When they've been faked so many years

by Akara K.

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People change. If I could quantum leap, I wouldn't. Live and learn 10