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Fake Friend

You say you’re a friend
But I think that’s a lie,
You seem like a fake,
It’s time to say goodbye.

You want to talk,
Never anything to say,
I raise the concern
But you get your own way.

I could have been your lover
But was never given a chance
Every guy you have,
You complain of no romance.

But when you’re sad
I am there for you,
Smile and make you laugh
But if only you knew

Why I’m there for you,
You are my friend,
Even to me and you,
It just seems pretend

I look at the night sky
The full bright moon,
One day a real friend,
My time must be soon.

by Robert Trew

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nicely written... a desperate to find a true friend....wonderful.... Best Wishes, Ency Bearis