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Places Among The Stars,
KT (June 4 / Quitman, Texas)

Places Among The Stars,

Poem By Stephen Crane

There’s liars, posers, freaks, and cheaters,
The world is only coming to the cold mistreaters,
I think its time that we need start acting real,
We hurt each other and don’t know how they feel,
People talk about other people behind their backs,
We don’t have true friends, we’ve ruined the trust we had,
They say these are supposed to be the best years,
But the next thing you know, someone is covered in tears,
You’re supposed to be real in front of people, not fake,
You’ll only have a few friends that are true, its give or take,
I’ve had plenty of people stab me in the back and it hurts to touch,
You think they are true, then they turn around on you so much,
So what are you going to do? Stay there and let them do it again?
I don’t think so, or why else would you call them your friend.

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''To talk of friendship with those in whom our reason forbids us to have faith, and our affections wounded through a thousand pores instruct us to detest, is madness and folly.'' - Thomas Paine, 'Common Sense'
this poem is really inspiring to me and it is a really great poem
This poem is pretty cool. I like it. I think that you sent a real message across here. Nice job!
Gosh i hate back stabbing friends! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! nice poem