Fake Love

you think you know the one that you love, but really you don't, the one you thought you loved and thought that they loved you back don't, all it is is nothing but lies that you get back then you find out the hole time there is alot of thing that you should have know but it is keep from you and when you do find out you do not know what to say to that person any more. you feel lost and alone and betrade so bad that it hurts so bad that you feel like you will never love another person again and it is true, thats why i am glad to have my best friend still in my life i was like 10 years- 12 years of age when i meet her and stilll tell this day i can say i have one reallly goood best friend name erica. she has help me out throw so much if i did not have her i do not know where i would be right now at this moment

by jamie almassy

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