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Fake Mentality
KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)

Fake Mentality

Poem By Kaspa Richards

Ghetto isn’t an image, ghetto is a mentality,
Living up to an image that isn’t you,
Is what will cause your fatality,
I look at your weak anatomy and into your eyes
They have been glamorized
By media lies and rich hip hop lives
While people living there are barely alive
Ghetto I f*cking hate that word
Conjures up images of fake b*tches following the herd
But that’s your mentality not mine
And ours isn’t his
The one who got pissed at you
And let loose with his fists
Maybe he took offense to the way u act living like you do
Saying you got it hard but in reality you haven’t got a clue
Not even the slightest inkling what its like to live the blues
I hope you take my advice but that’s up to you to choose
So know when to loose it and when to stay calm
Add a lil charm and if u lucky you won’t come to harm
And if you do it won’t be me breaking your arms
I got my own qwarms to think about
Don’t need blood as well as paint on my garms

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