Fake World

Poem By Ivy Christou

I don’t see a falling star but I’ll make a wish,
My guardian angel is out there and he‘ll listen to me.
Take me away from this world of lies
And let me live in a place where love never dies.
Keep me happy with simple things,
I love the sun, the birds, the wind.
Make me laugh and destroy tears
Be my friend and vanish my fears.
In my place there is no pain
Just happy people, that care for others without gain.
Transfer me into my fake world,
Find me a prince and I won’t say a word.
Bring my loved ones here as well
An empty world is like a lonely cell.
Don’t give me money, it is useless here
Don’t buy me guns I have nothing to fear.

Comments about Fake World

The last two lines were surprisingly good. Another beautiful poem of yours. G.
Lovely beautiful poemo Ivy Roger
If this is a fake world, we need to do a reality check.This sounds beautiful.Love Duncan
sweet. but, your fake world sounded real at times... it was good though i loved your flow. you sounded defensive.. i dont know. i really liked it though
Ivy, i guess you like stars eh? Cool, i do too. Hey you're just so good at describing! It's unbelieveable!

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4,8 out of 5
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