She walks as did Fakhri
-either one looking like Cholita

And my eyes plot her
-on backside
-hair parted
-exactly in centre
-she has them braided to snakes
-too long; reach abdomen
-each serpent to one hip
-or across the breasts

With an old checker-ed shirt,
-faded its beige and red
-is not tucked the skirt

Unaware of makeup
-unable to have one
-eyebrow is lamb's leg

Nose Jewish and bony
-is curved as parrot's beak
-Asian-African nostril
-has flaps

Here, there, she rushes
-always purrs with kindness
-sits and looks with those eyes
-Persian rug her grass; and she a Persian cat

In her heart
-a dove-nest

She is maid
She is dumb
Can't speak
Has no tongue

Will never have husband
Her master's children
To her are, as if hers

by Nassy Fesharaki

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