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Fall And Rise Of Jimmy Don Clyde
HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Fall And Rise Of Jimmy Don Clyde

Poem By Hubert Wilson

Every Saturday night
Almost always the same sight.
Sure as the sun went down.
Thirsty Jimmy Don Clyde made it into our little town.
Exactly like a San Juan Capistrano swallow.
Rambunctiously he would follow!

Starting with his favorite bar.
Unusual - and yes - sometimes just plain bizarre!
No one could out drink this ranch hand.
Dozens had so planned.
All would hit the floor!
Yet, Jimmy Don would be still asking for more!

Racing to town on Good Friday a full day early.
Expecting two days of being beyond surly!
Saturday offered not even a pause.
Unwilling to curb his liquored guffaws.
Rarely had he so imbibed.
Refreshment of every type Jimmy Don ascribed.
Emptying even one shot as it flamed!
Cool Jimmy Don was at the top of his game?
Totally exhausting the bar's liquor supply.
Incorrigible Jimmy Don 's pursuit then went awry?
Out the door and stumbling down the street.
None too bright and indiscreet?

Across the courthouse square.
Noted Jimmy Don was the answer to his fervent prayer?
Daring to late night enter the biggest local church!

Surreptitious would be his communion wine search?
Unable to succeed in his thirsty quest.
Relaxing by becoming completely undressed!
Peacefully asleep in the empty baptistry pool.
Rattled hours later by Reverend Isom Phartzwell sermonizing devil duel!
Impervious to his surroundings -
Startled by a chorus of 'He is Risen' and hallelujah soundings!
Excited nude Jimmy Don rose behind the pastor!
During THIS Easter sunrise service every heart truly beat faster!

Clearly panicked Reverend Phartzwell lived up to his name.
Overcome he suddenly backed up to a lighted candle flame!
Noticeably losing control with his blazing hell fire sermon from the other end!
God's way of sending a hearty 'Amen'!
Really more pleasantly surprised -
Erotically pleased was dozing Mrs. Phartzwell with abruptly wide open eyes!
Geez - confirming rumors of Jimmy Don's gigantic masculine member!
Always this sensual sighting she would remember!
Thereafter, teetotaling became Jimmy Don's strict lifestyle!
Impenetrable his lips to all alcohol as sinfully vile!
Only non-gaseous food afterwards did Reverend Phartzwell include!
Naughty memories of Jimmy Don made Mrs. Phartzwell forever in a much more amorous mood?


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