TE (December 27,1985 / )

Fall Apart

So often do I yearn to appeal to others, whether in a smile, a laugh, a presentation, or a look. Trying to keep it altogether from the start, instead of showing I fall apart.

Too important has it become to impress others, whether the matter or not, trying to make life seem simple is more work than it seems; causing me to cry endlessly. I can't keep up this façade as much as I'd like. I pretend all is okay, but I'm trying to hold tight. Hold on hurt, distract the pain, but nothing works and I fall away.

Life is too precious to dwell on the bad, but whoever comes in I've left feeling sad. Too heartbroken, not trusting, and left with a shell, I fall apart and create my own hell. One day I'm hoping I'll wake up and see, I'm worthy of putting back together and someone loving me.

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