Fall From Grace (Angel No More) [song]

Poem By Ebone' Ingram

Verse 1:
Life is like a broken dream
And I can't even feel you out there anymore
(No I can't, and it kills me)
Baby, yes I'm still your angel
But my wings fell out so long ago
And now flying o'er horizon's just a wistful stare

My Nirvana's shot to Hell
And I do not think that there
Will ever be a sanctuary here
A demon rages in my soul
My body longs for desecration
Though I know there's no light beyond the tunnel there
And Twilight calls to me
Bids me sleep endlessly
The halo from my hair
Falls to the floor.

Verse 2:
If you see my broken heart
Could you tell it where I am and where I'm gonna be
(It I've lost, and I'd like it back)
I'm consumed by flames of darkness
And my mind is cursed with fantasies
That I know will never be more than forgotten dreams

My Nirvana's shot to Hell
And I know for sure that there
Will never be a sanctuary here (in me)
That demon rages in my soul
A beast that I still yearn to vanquish
But I've no strength to lift my hand and crush it there
The darkness calls to me
And now I cannot sleep
I'm begging baby save
Me from myself
(repeat section, humming first 6 bars and singing last 4)

And sunlight blinds my eyes
Catches me by surprise
I know I'll never see
That dawn again

Comments about Fall From Grace (Angel No More) [song]

Eni...I think this is a fantastic song...wish I could hear you sing it...It seems a little darker than usual...no? Full of emotion and angst. Hugs, Dee
That was reallly good, did you create that song yourself? you are really tallented. Great work Ebone' Willow
Hello, readers and Jedi. I read this song over, singing it in my mind, and now I wonder...what was my brain smoking? If it's confusing, well, life is confusing. Yeah. Eni da Kid

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