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Fall Guy?
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Fall Guy?

...and was the dream reality?
A giant hall, with gold cathedral ceiling,
assembled were onehundredthousand beauties.
Three had surrounded me, stood very close.
Could feel their breath upon my flesh and
heat within their loins.

I sensed temptation taking over every fibre
and raised my head to God for needed inspiration.
But then gave in, as naked as I was, I's just a man,
all hands reached out and touched and lingered softly, when
I glanced up across the crowd toward the exit.

Oh! There she was, in all her goddamn beauty,
within a blink I flew through space into her lap.
And buried there, and clung to all that's holy,
for me and her and then the devil laughed.

I could not tell what all this means at all,
I would not tell her what it takes to fall,
I knew however that, if fall I can
I will not say to her 'Im just a man'.

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This one is one of my favorites of yours, nad given your many excellent poems, that's quite a compliment. It struck a chord with me.
Beautiful in it's honesty
You are a most talented poet, H. We should discuss some resources I have for getting you published. Send me a note. KV