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Fall In Love This December: The Start
TS Tarun Sharma (05 April 1985 / Tezpur)

Fall In Love This December: The Start

i don't know, but
like the every year
it's not the same december
like others that passed away

you make it
special, the way
we spend the winter
not like all days, that flew unnoticed

i remember
the every moment,
every movement that occured
between us, and the thousand words

forgive me but
i love the way, i hold
your hands in mine
and those speechless eyes on eyes

we were sittin'
for the first time, i am sure
all alone, yes the two of us in the home
facing the numerous blossoms at the window

and with the end of this year
i found myself at the world's end
everything was so silent and cold
but how do i know, coz i only remember the warmth of the hug!

bless! the aroma
coming from your moistened hairs
and the music of lubb and dubb
and the only breath to sing for both of us

both of us are looking
yes i am looking for the new sun
of a new brightest year of my life
in your love

since then every thing
that surrounds me, is singing
come fall in love
fall in love this december

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Comments (6)

Lovely love poem...
nice love poem........well written...............
like Chitra I too say let is not be only in December but forever.--10 anjali
a soft write to cherish not just in december but forever
Very passionate, tender love feelings. Very well composed. Could have been succinct to sound even better.
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