Au Revoir?

There is separation among us as groups and as individuals.
In first grade we say goodbye to first friends until next year,
Only to discover they were taken away to new classrooms in second grade.
And so we begin to find new friends, thinking the old ones
Were gone forever.
This process repeats itself throughout the school years.
Finally, after college, we find out for sure
That there are now friends who we will indeed not see again.
Life's reality is the eventual separation
From nearly everyone and everything.
Change is the only constant.
One of the hardest emotional heart tugs
Is losing real love,
But we do.
People lose each other.
But not this time-not this way.
Come home...
Dance with me.

by william upton

Comments (4)

I love this poem, especially for its brevity.
nice poem
i think this is very good painted a clear picture of fall
dis is preety good indeed